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Learn how to build
thriving, high-performing cultures.

Leadership Learning for The New World of Work

The future is here. 
Become a future-ready leader.


3 Powerful Strategies for The New World Of Work


Learn how to engage your organization and optimize your business results in the new world of work.

In this video series, Corporate Spring’s founder and CEO Annicken R. Day introduces 3 powerful business strategies. These strategies have led to extraordinary results in some of the world’s leading companies and they are, according to multiple studies, highly effective approaches for creating inspired, high performing team cultures in the new world of work.

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Key take-aways:

  • Learn 3 powerful leadership strategies that will help secure your business goals, improve employee engagement and team performance.
  • Learn how to build future-ready cultures and high performing teams through the science-based and highly impactful Corporate Spring Model™.
  • Learn about future-ready leadership, the power of role modeling and five impactful steps for sustained behavioral change.

What you will get:

  • 5 inspiring and practical oriented online modules.
  • Reflection exercises after every video.
  • Handbook with all the content from the videos.



5 Building Blocks for High Performing Team Cultures


How to build high-performing cultures in practice.

In this comprehensive online program, Annicken R. Day, founder and CEO Corporate Spring, in conversations with business psychologists Trude Shelby and Mikael Hansson, explore the human mind, human behaviors, group dynamics and how to work with the Corporate Spring Model™ for high-performing team cultures, in practice.

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Key take-aways:

  • Learn how to work with The Corporate Spring Model™ for high- performing team cultures in practice.
  • Get practical tools, knowledge and advice in how to lead in times of change and how your culture can become your greatest competitive advantage.  
  • Optimize team performance and secure business success by engaging the human side of your business and build cultures of passion and joy.

What you will get:

  • 6 High-performing Team Culture online modules.
  • Workbooks, one per online module.
  • Self-reflection and team-reflection exercises, one per online module.
  • 2 Neuroscience of Change videos.
  • Library of resources; studies, articles, videos.

The business benefits of thriving, high-performing cultures:

Team members are:

  • 74% less stressed
  • 40% less burned out
  • 29% happier with their lives

Organizations can show for:

  • More creativity and innovation
  • 50% better performance
  • 21% higher profitability
Sources: Deloitte, Gallup, Center for Neuroeconomics Studies