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Making Culture Your Strategy for Growth

Have you noticed how some teams just seem more aligned and collaborative than others?
They have probably figured out the 1st of the 7 "culture strategies for growth".

Now you can too!

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Learn how to unleash your business potential,
by making culture your strategy for growth!

About the trainer

Annicken R. Day

Founder, Culture Strategist & Business Therapist
Corporate Spring


Annicken is passionate about helping leaders and organizations change, grow and thrive in a constantly changing business landscape. As Chief Cultural Officer in TANDBERG and Culture Evangelist in Cisco, digitalization, innovation cultures and constant changes have been her playground; Best Places to Work awards, extraordinary growth and outstanding business results have been some of the outcomes.

Since she founded Corporate Spring in 2012, Annicken has trained thousands of leaders around the world in how to unleash their business potential by focusing on leadership, teams and culture; the human side of digital transformation. She is a sought-after public speaker, blogger, video-presenter, she serves as an executive advisor for a variety of global companies and is a passionate maverick in promoting new ways of working, thinking and leading in the new world of work...